7 Most Popular Web Hosting Trends


Interested in discovering more information about web hosting? Check out these top 7 web hosting trends!

Quick Introduction to the Web Hosting World

The online world is without a doubt – the most competitive, the fastest growing, and one of the most exciting and popular marketplaces when it comes to selling and buying. For all those individuals and businesses who are not familiar with the term web hosting –it is a service that allows individuals and businesses to establish their online presence via the Internet. In other words, if you want to launch a website on the internet, you need to find a web host provider first.

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Top 7 Web Hosting Trends You Should Know About

Here are 7 popular web hosting trends you should know about:

  1. Green Web Hosting Eco-friendly or green web hosting is a provider who intends to prove to the world that they don’t have any negative effects on the environment.
  2. Cloud Hosting Cloud hosting offers on-demand resources via an online network and provides software, computation, storage services, and data access that don’t demand any specific knowledge or skills of the configuration of the platform or the physical location.
  3. VPS Hosting Virtual Private Server or VPS is an isolated and independent operating system that can be used by an exclusive customer only. The VPS web hosting enables customers who need a root access and a dedicated hosting platform but aren’t ready to pay the price for such a large investment required for a dedicated hosting.
  4. Wind-Powered Hosting The wind powered hosting refers to hosting services that utilize wind energy for example, from the wind turbines and converted into electricity.
  5. Joomla Hosting The Joomla hosting is a well-known content management system, used for publishing content online. This hosting platform easily integrates with extensions and themes that are accessible from third-party sources that make developing and designing website templates.
  6. WordPress Hosting This hosting trend is an open-source tool used for blogs. It is simple and easy-to-learn tool. WordPress hosting makes setting up a blog very easy due to its template system and plug-in architecture.
  7. Drupal Hosting The Drupal hosting is an open-source system that allows web developers to use the tools required to customize Drupal’s appearance and behavior.

Now that you are familiar with the web hosting trends you can more easily choose the type of web hosting suitable for you.

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