Cloud Hosting – Facts You Should Know About

What is cloud hosting or cloud computing? Discover all information you need to know about cloud hosting including 4 of the most important facts!

What is Cloud Hosting?

In order to understand what cloud Hosting is, you need to first learn what cloud computing is. Cloud computing is a concept that reveals itself in several ways and covers an extensive range of functions and applications. Simply said, it is a concept that refers to end users who access and use computing resources from a shared pool of IT resources or cloud from an irrelevant location made accessible through the Internet. The cloud hosting, on the other hand, is a form of cloud computing, whereby the user can use shared physical resources such as supporting infrastructure, networks, bandwidth, and servers, without the need to rent, buy or install specific hardware. Usually, the cloud hosting is used to serve various websites as it can support each organization’s networks and functions.

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4 Facts You Should Know about Cloud Hosting

Here are 4 facts you need to know about cloud hosting:

  1. When Using Cloud Hosting – You Don’t Have to Re-write the Code Even though all users were required to re-write the application in order to use cloud hosting, you don’t have to do it anymore. This means that you don’t have to learn to write applications for you to use cloud hosting or to learn the programming framework. If you are interested in using cloud hosting services, all you need is connect your website to a cloud hosting service provider.
  2. Very Simple & Easy to Use Lots of people think that cloud hosting demands special knowledge and skills, which is not true. The cloud platform requires basic computer knowledge and skills only. If you are using Google apps, Dropbox or Facebook, you are already using Cloud hosting.
  3. Cloud Hosting is Cheaper Cloud hosting is cheaper when compared to the other types of hosting as it doesn’t make use of the servers. For this reason, you don’t have to pay for the servers. The cloud platform makes use of the Internet in order to host your data.
  4. Cloud Computing is Extremely Safe When using cloud computing, all your information is safe. To ensure your safety, make sure to avoid saving the passwords. Instead, enter the passwords manually, each time you log in. Also, you need to ensure that the software you are using has the right protection and is currently updated.

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Since cloud hosting is a new technology, it is important to get introduced and have a better understanding of this technology. 

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